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Le sur-mesure par excellence


The multiplicity and diversity of types of custom storage furniture ensures storage space efficiency. Quadro’s designers create well thought out storage furniture tailored to your interior design to make life simple. The multiplicity and diversity of types of storage ensures efficiency: well thought out, dressing room or a library to simplify life. Shelves in non-standard height and length, closed or open drawers (content easily spotted), glass front drawers (for visible but protected objects), door shelves for shirts, fixed or elevated wardrobes (space saving), mechanical or electrical closet, with remote control, ultra-thin vertical sliding racks (for ties, scarves or belts) sliding racks for shoes and pants ...

Les poignées

Petit détail qui compte, les poignées soulignent votre meuble avec discrétion ou caractère. Métal, cuir, bois, verre… De très nombreux modèles pour toutes les ambiances.